Process optimization with BiPRO

Process optimization with BiPRO

We support BiPRO standards in our applications and we provide BiPRO ready components which can be used immediately.

BiPRO e.V. (Industry initiative for process optimization) is an independent organization in the finance services sector which was established by insurers, sales partners and service providers to optimize industry-specific business processes. Industry-specific and technical standards are developed as a community effort in BiPRO projects.

Through several years of collaboration with BiPRO and participation in the committees, we have gathered in-depth knowledge of BiPRO standards and this knowledge has been implemented into our customer solutions. We have also developed standard tools and components in the following areas, which we can provision for customer applications:

  • Tariffing, quotes and contracts (Standards 422, 424)
  • Security token service (Standards 260, 410)
  • Transfer service/incidents (Standards 430.0)
  • Support of web and cloud technologies

Leading comparison calculator providers, for example, use our BiPRO web service for VVG compliant TAA processes and access a number of tariff calculation kernels via this service.