Powerful tariffing and quote systems for all infrastructures and sales channels.


Standard products and individualized solutions for optimizing sales and consultation processes in the finance industry.


Integrated portal solutions and sales platforms for seamless support of customer processes.

CRM and consultation solutions

CRM and consultation solutions

  • iFyna – the finance CRM
  • Financial calculation kernel
  • Requirements and pensions calculator
  • Financial analysis for private households

Based on the standardized Impeo development platform and the Impeo financial calculation kernel ImpeoCal, all Impeo consultation solutions support integrated support and consultation processes up to contract conclusion.

A central data model and the Impeo IntegrationFramework allow the straightforward integration of the systems in any IT infrastructures and platforms and the deployment of individual front-end formats (online, offline and mobile).

The ImpeoCal financial calculation kernel is the core calculation engine in all consultation systems. The calculation kernel is certified to official standards for a high level of consultation reliability.

Product brochure

Further information on ImpeoAdvice and ImpeoCal products is available in our brochure.

Impeo Produktbroschüre

  • iFyna

    Effective sales and consultation support

    in one standard software solution

    Explore new strategies for marketing financial products. Effective financial services sales require information, good organization, a complete understanding of the customer’s needs and excellent tools – which is why we developed ifyna CRM.

    Ifyna CRM

    ifyna CRM opens up new ways of connecting with your customers – online, mobile and direct access through an integrated end customer portal. Gain new customers more successfully and increase your conclusion rate with existing customers.

    ifyna CRM is a modular-designed CRM system with comprehensive sales and consultation functions for a financial advisor in a standard solution. The complete sales process up to contract conclusion is supported throughout the application.

    Find out more and register for a four-week demonstration account on ifyna.de.

  • ImpeoCal

    The new Impeo financial calculation kernel is deployed in Impeo consultation solutions and is also available as a standalone application for third-party systems. ImpeoCal is encapsulated and integrated through a web service.

    ImpeoCal Zertifizierung Finanzberatung

    Certified for financial consultation

    ImpeoCal has been certified for compliance with IDW PS 880 by Ernst & Young and offers a high level of consultation reliability.

    The calculation kernel covers all aspects of end customer consultation and has been developed according to the latest technological criteria. To ensure maximum flexibility and configurability, all calculations are programmed in small development units known as microcalculators. The ImpeoCal software architecture enables

    • Short requirement-specific customization times
    • Lower provisioning and operations costs

    ImpeoCal can conveniently perform all calculations needed during a consultation. It can show individual calculations and display and calculate different options flexibly.

    The basic components

    • Income protection
    • Pension planning
    • Asset analysis and development
    • Property insurance

    enable comprehensive information on the financial situation of a private household to be analyzed and evaluated during the consultation process. This is the basis of a legally compliant (VVG) and qualitative consultation.

    Calculation kernel components can be combined and used freely thanks to the configurable compilation of the microcalculators.

  • Requirements and pensions calculator

  • ImpeoAdvicePro

    Impeo has developed comprehensive financial analysis systems based on the ImpeoAdvice platform for major insurers and financial services sales companies. ImpeoAdvice includes software components and templates which allow individual customer financial analysis systems to be provisioned quickly and productively.

    Impeo financial analysis systems can be infinitely customized thanks to configurable customization, providing optimal support for consultation strategies of financial service sales organizations while keeping customization costs low.

    Based on a modern service-oriented software architecture, Impeo financial analysis systems can be integrated into any existing infrastructure and provisioned as a web service. The existing Impeo tariffing web service can be seamlessly integrated into the financial analysis system and supports the consultation process up to the actual sale.

    For all ImpeoAdvice systems, the upgradeability of each customer solution is ensured. The certified financial calculation kernel is constantly updated by Impeo’s development team and adapted to comply with current laws.

  • Impeo Leadmanager 1.0

    The LeadManager is a web application that is tailored to the requirements of insurance and financial distributors. Via the application, existing leads are automatically distributed or sold to a sales organization.

    The application can be used in all distribution channels and hierarchies and can be adapted to individual requirements and layouts.


    • Knows the lead requirements from financial sales
    • An app supports mobile use directly on site
    • As a SaaS application without installation effort immediately ready for use
    • Customizable

    It includes an online application that is hosted in a high-security computing center (on-premise is possible), as well as an app that can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

    The setup of the system is simple and the system can be started immediately.

    LeadManager 1.0